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Featured design: Custom made, one of a kind Desvall Shisha pipe.

The Desvall shisha pipe embodies all the elements of Sweden’s world famous and critically acclaimed artisanal heritage, hand blown glass, hand made ceramics, a pioneering use of leather working techniques and reindeer antler carvings of the indigenous Sami people. this delicate balance of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering is a defining feature of all Desvall shisha pipes.


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Desvall Classic Collection

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the Desvall Classic Collection. The Desvall Classic Shisha pipe can be custom made according to your requirements and specifications or you can have a look through our existing designs. Contact us today for more information


Creating the Desvall Shisha Pipe

DESVALL_symbol-large-black 150w (kopia)


If you wish to get in contact regarding consultation, information, pricing or distribution feel free to contact us today by e-mail or telephone.


Emile Desvall

SWE: +46 70 667 62 11
Stockholm / Sweden


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